About Us

About Us,
We are the Klotok owner of tourism of KUMAI, we form one place for our Community that is " GATHERING of KLOTOK (BOAT) KUMAI" we attend to water down and in direct corollation to Klotok owner which in delegating entrust to our chief, we hope can braid one good are same activity with customer of us, because we would be very greetful once you satisfied with our service and we can participated to the sustainabilty of the wildlife and their habitat in Tanjung Puting National Park and surroundings.

Following our organization chart:
Chief : Yofie Kamale,St
Vice Chairman : Komarudin,Sh
Secretaris : Ali Masuri,Sh
Bursar : Basis
Member : All ship owner
Because we want to accompany you to your destination.
That way a few information about us, you earn to contact we through email : info@myorangutan.com / mobile +6281224301978( Yofie Kamale ). Thank you

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